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Microsoft SharePoint for Your Business

Strengthen Your Business Operations With Microsoft SharePoint

Many businesses use modern communication technology to streamline operations and increase productivity. Microsoft SharePoint provides a powerful and customizable option if you’re searching for a tool to overhaul your business processes.

Introduced in 2001, this product boasts 200 million users. Companies rely on SharePoint for easy collaboration, document management, workflow automation, and more. Let’s explore what Microsoft SharePoint is, how it works, and the many ways in which it can benefit your business.

What Is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a communication, collaboration, and document management platform favored by many businesses across many industries. The highly flexible tool facilitates document storage and sharing, team collaboration, workflow organization, and more through intranet or cloud-based sites. Companies use SharePoint to securely access, share, and collaborate on data, files, and other resources within and outside their organizations.

SharePoint works through customizable team sites, communication sites, sub-sites, and mobile apps that make it easy to control information access and organize workflows across departments. Businesses that use Microsoft 365 can bundle the cloud-based version, SharePoint Online, with their subscriptions.

What Is the Difference Between Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online?

The on-premise version of SharePoint is locally hosted, meaning it uses the company’s servers and technology architecture. Microsoft launched the latest version in 2019, but many businesses still use legacy versions like SharePoint 2013. Because this product uses on-site architecture, companies often require servers to host the platform.

Microsoft introduced SharePoint Online in 2011 as a cloud-based platform. Rather than owning the back-end infrastructure, companies pay subscriptions to access SharePoint and build collaboration and document management solutions.

Both versions of Microsoft SharePoint help businesses save time and money by optimizing productivity, streamlining information management, and simplifying communication.

However, they differ in many ways, including the following:

  • Costs: On-premise SharePoint involves higher upfront costs for the necessary hardware and software, but SharePoint Online involves more continual licensing costs.
  • Storage: The on-site version offers potentially unlimited storage, while SharePoint Online incorporates storage limits for each subscription.
  • Permissions: On-premise SharePoint offers more permission customization than the online version.
  • Security: SharePoint Online may provide more secure data control unless the company has a talented cybersecurity team to manage the on-premise platform.
  • Microsoft Teams: Businesses using Microsoft Teams often prefer SharePoint Online for seamless integration.

How SharePoint Benefits Your Business

Whether you choose the on-premise or cloud-based version, the Microsoft SharePoint platform offers many benefits for your business, including the following:

Highly Customizable Interface

Organizations from many business sectors use SharePoint because it allows them to tailor the interface to their needs and brand image. The platform includes many tools and features that help companies create customized workflow management systems, team sites, customer portals, file-sharing systems, and more.

Flexible Capabilities

Rather than spend money on several platforms, you can use SharePoint to optimize all aspects of productivity. This comprehensive platform includes many functions, from database and site creation to security and search capabilities.

Easy Collaboration

SharePoint provides a centralized system through which all employees can access company information. Staff members can see company metrics, track team goals, and communicate with one another without having to access multiple platforms. SharePoint includes integrated chats and co-authoring capabilities, making it easy for several employees to collaborate on the same document.

Comprehensive Integrations

This product integrates with other business software and applications, including Microsoft Office Suite, Exchange Server, OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, and other apps. SharePoint also allows app integrations for added features, such as document libraries, calendar plug-ins, custom forms, and other add-ons.

Remote Access for Employees

SharePoint Online makes it simple to manage remote employees and provide access to important information and business content from any device. Staff members can collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Simplified User Experience

SharePoint offers employees a user-friendly, modern experience that integrates web browsers and apps they already know how to use. Rather than navigating several apps to perform daily tasks, your staff can manage workflows, complete their duties, communicate with coworkers and clients, and gather and interpret data from a single platform.

Start Streamlining Your Business Operations Today

If you’re unsure whether Microsoft SharePoint is the right collaboration and information management platform for your business, ask BEMA Information Technologies for more information. Our IT experts can help you select and upgrade to the most suitable modern communication technology to optimize your business operations and productivity.

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