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Signs You Need to Partner with an MSP for Your Business

5 Signs Your Business Needs an MSP


Considering partnering with an MSP for your business operations?

As a modern business owner, you rely on technology to perform daily tasks and ensure consistent productivity.

You may use in-house IT personnel to help you keep computer hardware, software, and networks functioning correctly. But continuously expanding technology can leave many IT teams chasing problems instead of establishing preventative solutions.

Below, we share five signs that you need a managed service provider (MSP) for IT maintenance and support.

1. Your Business Doesn’t Have Dedicated IT Personnel

You may not have a dedicated information technology (IT) team, especially if you own a small business. Dedicated IT personnel can cost a lot of money, so you may rely on particular staff members to wear the IT hat in addition to performing other job duties for the company. Not having staff members who are wholly dedicated to keeping networks secure and solving hardware and software issues can result in snowballing problems in the future.

An MSP provides an excellent option for businesses without dedicated IT staff by delivering on-call professionals for technical support. An MSP removes the expense of in-house IT staff by offering local service desk support, on-site and remote troubleshooting, emergency solutions, and more.

2. You Experience Frequent Tech Problems and Downtime

An MSP can benefit your business if tech problems frequently interfere with your ability to remain productive and profitable. Even minor issues with simple fixes can add up to significant downtime when they occur on a regular basis. Small and medium-sized businesses lose hundreds of dollars a minute during downtime events, so it’s essential to seek professional IT support to mitigate and eliminate these issues.

While no business can prevent all downtime events, working with the right IT professionals can make a big difference. An MSP can help your business upgrade to newer technology, maintain the software and hardware you have, provide mitigation education and solutions, and establish a streamlined IT infrastructure. Rather than putting out fires as they happen, MSPs focus on long-term solutions.

3. Your In-House IT Team Is Overwhelmed

Even businesses with dedicated IT staff members and departments can benefit from partnering with an MSP. As technology advances, IT teams must deal with increasingly complex tech problems, and they may become overwhelmed. If your IT staff is spread too thin, they may focus on fast solutions instead of solving the underlying issues in order to keep up with your business’s present demands.

An MSP can take specific tasks off your staff’s plate, allowing them to perform their duties more efficiently and thoroughly. For example, you may outsource information backup, disaster recovery, and network monitoring tasks to an MSP to give your IT department more time to focus on fixing malfunctioning hardware and software.

4. Your IT Management Costs Are Out of Control

Managing an in-house IT team is an investment, from software development expenses to employee benefits and compensation costs. You may need help keeping IT expenses in check as your business’s technology needs evolve. If your IT budget has increased to the point that it’s threatening your business’s profitability and scalability, an MSP may offer more affordable IT support.

MSPs provide more budget-friendly IT services in part because they offer set pricing. When you can predict your IT expenses, you gain greater budget flexibility. Partnering with an MSP also reduces IT expenses by often providing lower entry costs to state-of-the-art technology, making it more cost-effective for your business to upgrade to the latest hardware, software, and network.

5. Your IT Needs Have Advanced

Your business may struggle to maintain scalability as it grows and its technology needs advance. The IT infrastructure that effectively supported your company a few years ago may not provide the resources to meet today’s demands. This is especially true if your business shifted to incorporate remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and still has permanent remote staff.

Unless your IT strategies evolve with your technology needs, you may encounter growing cybersecurity concerns. Remote workers may present significant security risks by using devices and cloud services vulnerable to attack. An MSP can help you establish a secure, unified network and provide secure cloud services, communication systems, and backup services to help you recover data in the event of a crash.

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