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(ChMS) A Solid Foundation for Your Church

The modern church may still be centered around its teachings and congregation but there is no denying that like other aspects of our lives, technology plays a large role in the faith-based aspects of our lives.

Pastors and other leaders within your organization have a lot of data to keep track of and over time, the cost of keeping this data secure and organized can add up financially and logistically.

Building relationships and maintaining current relationships is the focus of your ministry. You’re creating a place in which worshippers can gather within a community, the last thing that may be on your mind is the data of your churchgoers or the organization of your files, but nonetheless, these are important functions of your organization.

So, how does the modern church solve their need for security and organization for their congregation’s data?

The tool more and more churches are turning to that help their organization stay organized and protected are Church Management Systems (ChMS).

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A ChMS Grows Your Congregation and Helps You Stay In Touch

Imagine having your most successful outreach ministry event of the year.

Things are looking great and your event was well-received throughout the community.

But when Sunday morning comes back around, sadly, those who were excited to speak to you about your faith and felt ready to see what church had in store for them, are nowhere to be found.

What causes this has plagued churches for as long as anyone can remember; however, a proper ChMS can alleviate some of this pain. ChMSs are a great way to build custom audiences and communicate with them effortlessly. Keeping communication with members and prospective members outside of normal church hours is a great way to build stronger relationships and retain more members.

With a ChMS, you can help schedule messages, program members, and create different groups to stay in contact with throughout the week.

A ChMS is used to:

  • Segment your congregation and send personalized messages to them speaking on their lives rather than merely a mass message for all.
  • Extra contact points to help struggling or new members get to church.
  • Scheduling and organizing between various groups and leaders within your organization to ensure things run smoothly.
  • Create and host event registrations that can allow you to protect your eventgoers, collect data, and accept payment when acceptable.

Just like announcements, staying in touch by segmenting your congregation can help you deliver the right message to the right people and encourage those who need it most. Fostering stronger relationships with a few clicks of a button, it surely has never been easier.

Data Organization is in the Palm of Your Hand

The benefits of a ChMS don’t stop at keeping communications open with your organization and the community around you. A proper ChMS is designed to organize other data that helps keep your church running:

  • Keeping up with the various work activities and schedules that are necessary for upkeeping your church.
  • Providing a digital presence for your church through a simple to navigate website that is easy to assemble.
  • Consolidating data and scheduling into one source, and creating reports on your data.
  • Securing your church members’ more sensitive information such as financial statements, donation history, and payment information.

The data that your church stores go beyond a simple contact list. Storing it with a ChMS maintains its security and organization.

ChMS- Customization to fit Your Organization’s Needs

An elite ChMS possesses the ability to transform and evolve into what the user needs depending on your individual goals. Nothing personifies this more than the various applications and features to create apps that are included in your ChMS.

Build or use apps that are designed with your organization in mind and interact with experts and a community that have hands-on experience with the benefits of each app.

Inspired to create and have a bit of technical prowess yourself?

Open API features within your ChMS allow you to create applications that can benefit your organization and potentially others around the world.

RockRMS: The Foundation for Your Data Strategy

Implementing and executing new technology can be intimidating for many individuals and organizations; however, with the right tools and support, anything is possible and putting your ChMS into action is a breeze.

RockRMS is the premier ChMS that churches can rely on to get the job done. Organizing and protecting your data while helping your church strengthen its community is at the core of what RockRMS offers and nobody understands this quite like their partner BEMA Information Technologies.

BEMA Information Technologies is an official partner of RockRMS and highly respected in IT assessment and installation. Prepared to help your church get the most out of their IT functions and create a simpler transition into the world of ChMS, BEMA Information Technologies is equipped with the tools and the experts to create a customized plan that

works for your ministry.

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