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IT Heaven: What the Cloud Can Do for Your Church

As technology becomes more and more integrated into our lives, churches and non-profits are finding their organizations further integrated as well and in need of IT services.

As congregations grow, so do the logistics of organizing the lives that make up your organization and communicating with them when they go off and live in a million different directions.

This takes time, organization, and data.

Having the right IT services can make or break these efforts, and with the growing demand for more content and the hosting of such content, storing data can be expensive and difficult to actually do.

This is where the cloud comes in.

The cloud allows programs, applications, software, and services to run on the Internet instead of your hard drive.

Not only does this provide less of a strain on your resources, but it can also lead to safer, more effective solutions for your church.

When you consider the various pieces of information your church may exchange, it not only begins to add up but becomes clear that it should be kept secure:

  • The names of members and their families.
  • Sensitive tax forms and information.
  • Intellectual property such as sermons, songs, and books.
  • Email lists, phone lists, and addresses.

The list could go on.

Switching your church to the cloud can provide many benefits for your organization both on a practical level and a technological one.

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Using the Cloud for Project Collaboration 

The cloud has changed a lot in our lives, and while the sheer amount of data we are able to possess at once may be the number one benefit, the way we can collaborate on this data is a close second.

Long gone are the days of simple phone calls and mandatory board meetings to communicate and build ideas into reality.

If you have access to the Internet, you have an office, thanks to the cloud.

Team members working on various projects such as fundraisers or outreach programs can share and collaborate ideas from anywhere around the world via The Internet through applications such as Microsoft Office 365.

The Cloud Makes Making Announcements Simple

In large cities, it can be challenging to make plans and ensure everyone gets the memo.

Using the cloud in conjunction with software such as a ChMS (Church Management Software) helps eliminate this obstacle by providing the tools you need to organize and schedule messages to your congregation.

The same goes for emergency situations.

The cloud makes it easy to convey your message to your congregation in a professional, effective manner to help limit or eliminate additional high-risk situations.

Hosting the information of your ChMS on the cloud provides an alternative to buying costly hardware that needs maintenance and can fail.

Keeping track of messages, announcements, your members, the events you have planned, and so much more can be implemented and followed using a ChMS that is hosted on your secure cloud network.

The Cloud Backs Up and Secures Your Data 

You’ve gotten up extra early this Sunday morning.

The coffee is hitting just right, and you’re ahead of schedule for once.

It’s time to greet your congregation as they walk through the doors, all is well.

And then about a minute after worship, you realize your PowerPoints for your entire sermon is nowhere to be found.


Technology is amazing when it works and a nightmare when it doesn’t.

With the cloud, you can allow yourself to rest easy as backing up your files has never been simpler.

Having a backup of your critical data in a secure area of your network is perfect for when plan A fails.

The same goes for the security of your members.

Imagine the details of personal information of your congregation leaked from your network…devastating, to say the least.

Properly installed and monitored cloud networks can help reduce your vulnerability to attacks and keep the information you store safer from those with bad intentions.

Share Data With Others Within Your Cloud Network Seamlessly  

Securely share files with other branches of your church and sister churches via the cloud.

If you are in charge of various congregations across a large city or area and need to access, send, or share information with others, the cloud is a perfect solution.

Easy access for those who need it all while protecting your information away from those who may cause harm.

Cloud networking provides modern convenience, saves you money, and protects the valuable data your organization has been entrusted to hold.

Church? Of Course, There’s An App For That

We’ve come a long way from meeting up on a mountain.

Modern churchgoers expect modern commodities, and while apps and smartphones may not be the center of your message or mission, these are great tools to use when staying in touch with your community and providing additional value that goes far beyond a few hours each week.

As technology grows, more and more churches are utilizing or creating apps to reach their congregation.

Apps and the usage of apps simultaneously need a lot of data.

If churches are defined by the people inside of them, it’s essential to reach them beyond the four walls in which you all meet weekly.

If your house of worship is using apps either internally or externally, you’ll need a network that can handle the workload these programs demand. A good cloud network makes hosting your apps a breeze.

Cloud-Based Networks and Support With the Church in Mind

Logistics are simply a part of any organization’s struggles, and when it comes to your churches and your data, there is no exception.

Applications, email campaigns, slideshows, audio, and video files…it begins to add up.

Churches us more technology than ever and with more technology comes the unfortunate technical issues that are bound to arise. Cloud networks can help minimize these issues when communicating and storing or processing data.

Protect your data and be better equipped to host the needs of your network through cloud-based networks and for the best installation for your cloud-based network go with the name that congregations trust with their IT needs, contact the experts at BEMA Information Technologies.

Equipped with years of experience, unmatched technical support, and values that align with the mindset of non-profits, our team of experts will be there for you when you need them. Providing real solutions that bring value to you and every churchgoer’s experience.

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