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An image of the Ronald McDonald House in Houston, TX

BEMA shines during Covid-19 health crisis

How cloud migration has helped this Houston nonprofit during the COVID-19 pandemic

“I wanted to say personally (as much as “personal” can occur via an e-mail) and wholeheartedly how thankful I am that we made the decision last year to undertake the cloud migration project, along with migrating key applications to cloud-hosted environments.

Working through that project with you was a lot of work, but fun.

Little did I or anyone else know at that time the meaningful and timely impact it would have on the current environment.

Except for our scaled-down on-site program staff, all of us are working remotely from somewhere.

The SharePoint and OneDrive systems are working great for us and we are leveraging more of the Teams functionality every day.  There is still plenty we can utilize in Teams and people are working through and learning those processes daily.

If BEMA every needs a client referral for a prospective client or cloud migration consideration, put me down.

Thank you for everything you and all the BEMA personnel do to support our organization and mission.”

John Countzler | Chief Financial Officer
Ronald McDonald House Houston

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