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IT Services- Setting Students Up for Success

As millions of kids return to school now more than ever before, schools are beginning to feel the need for a proper IT setup.

Technology is in every aspect of our lives, and education is no different. When done correctly, devices and the Internet in the hands of students can not only transform the way they work but can also transform the way they perceive the world around them.

More and more, technology is allowing students to learn and grow in ways that even a decade ago were not possible; however, with these changes come new challenges and responsibilities.

Is your students’ data secure on your school’s network?

Do you have a proper network that can hold the capacity of data needed to adequately run the various applications your system will host?

With the right plan in motion and the proper tools in place, you can help elevate your students’ educational experience.

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Replacing Chalkboards With Innovation

Transform your classrooms from traditional to an innovative hub of learning using SmartBoards.

SmartBoards are state-of-the-art, interactive boards that not only enhance the educational experience for students but encourages additional engagement from them.

Schools and educators are competing against a wide array of media/mediums for their student’s attention, and studies suggest that the average attention span is shrinking. SmartBoards bring the power of the Internet to your classrooms and keep kids engaged in the lesson plan for longer.

Using Smart Devices As Tools

In addition to SmartBoards, schools are utilizing handheld personal devices and computers/laptops more than ever before.

Collaboration and research can be easily accessed and implemented into your lesson plan in ways not previously possible.

As devices grow in number, schools need a plan and infrastructure to keep up with both the digital and physical demands this entails:

  • Securing devices and protecting sensitive data.
  • Ensuring all devices and applications run effectively.
  • Monitoring what is downloaded onto these devices.
  • Tracking the physical whereabouts of your students’ devices.
  • Properly implementing a system in which external devices can be used if your school opts for a BYOD system (Bring Your Own Device).

Technology is a wonderful tool, and ensuring your school’s IT is correctly set up will make or break the success of using devices in the classroom.

Protecting Your Students’ Data

One of the unfortunate downsides to technological advances of any sort is that criminals will find a way to manipulate it, break it, and use it to their advantage. This puts your students in a potentially vulnerable position and is a security threat that could easily go overlooked.

When you truly break things down and consider the information your school is responsible for protecting, it becomes apparent that when left in the wrong hands, the lives of children and their families can be ruined by a senseless criminal act:

  • Social security numbers of your students and their family members.
  • Photographs, schedules, and addresses associated with your students.
  • Activities, personal interests, and social clubs.
  • Personal banking or credit card information, passwords, email addresses, etc.

Sensitive data can be used to exploit children and their families, both digitally and physically. Protecting this information from criminals is a vital function for the modern classroom.

The Difference in Proper IT Set-Up for Your School

More and more benefits are coming from IT and technology for educators and students.

The roles each play in the future of technology in the classroom are interesting to watch, yet the one constant is that it is the school’s responsibility and duty to their students that they are kept safe and educated to the best of their abilities.

BEMA Information Technologies has been helping school maximize the role technology plays in their students’ lives since 2001.

Consultation Services to fit Your Educational Needs:

BEMA Information Technologies prides itself on being a resource and final destination for all things IT related.

Instead of having an IT company to help in only one aspect of your network’s needs, our experts can provide comprehensive solutions involving the planning, execution, and upkeep of your school’s IT services.

Cloud Computing:

Our team of experts can provide cloud computing for your school’s network needs as a cheaper, safer alternative to traditional networks.

Cloud computing can allow your school to run applications smoother and provides the extra security needed for protecting sensitive data.

When you begin to consider the hundreds if not thousands of potential devices running at any given moment on your network, the need for a faster network presents itself. Maintain your IT structure by spending less on costly hardware and take your school to new heights with the cloud.

We Keep Your Communications Running so you can Focus on Educating

Phone lines, Internet providers, and wireless networks all require set-up and occasional maintenance.

Not to worry, with BEMA Information Technologies, we handle your communication networks and ensure lines are functioning properly.

Being prepared and having access to proper lines of communication, have sadly never been more critical. In the event of an emergency, it is essential to recognize the role these networks play in creating a safe, functioning educational environment for your staff and your students.

Contact BEMA Information Technologies today and let us take care of all of your school’s IT needs. Through our thorough process, remote monitoring, and technical partnerships, BEMA is ready to provide solutions for the modern educator.

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