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Managed IT Services Vs. In-House IT

Are Managed IT Services Beneficial If I Already Have an In-House IT Department?

Are you wondering if managed IT services are valuable to have on top of your existing in-house IT Department?

The short answer is yes, they are, and in this article, we explain why.

Having an in-house IT department is without a doubt valuable, but on the other hand, pairing that strength with outsourced managed IT services is the best way to stay on top of every aspect of your organization’s information technology at all times.

In-house IT departments have a lot to offer to any operation that depends on technology to run efficiently and/or grow, but why is it necessary to implement in-house and outsourced managed IT services together?

To best understand the value in a collaboration between the two, you must first understand the levels of value each offers independently.

In-House Vs. Outsourced Managed IT Services

In-House –

It’s become common practice for today’s organizations to hire individuals in-house to help manage their everyday IT operations.

In-house IT departments (depending on the organization’s size, of course) typically consist of one or even a few individuals who understand your IT needs from an internal perspective and offer daily support.

Although in-house IT departments offer significant value and perspective, they often aren’t fully equipped to handle extensive IT needs, being that their position is usually focused on general day-to-day IT maintenance and regulation.

While these in-house techniques are a fantastic way to connect an understanding between your organization’s needs and your technology use, often, they only scratch the surface while lacking outside perspective, experience, and up-to-date practices.

Outsourced Managed IT Services –

Outsourcing managed IT services is a great way to manage and secure your organization’s technology and processes at an affordable rate.

By outsourcing experts who solely focus on current and progressive IT standards, you can ensure that your operations remain on-target, on-budget, and on-trend for company goals at all times.

An outsourced IT company entirely focuses on and specializes in IT infrastructure solutions and management, making their expertise priceless to an organization utilizing technology.

With consistent support and extensive experience, MSPs are proven to be invaluable to IT processes, as well as future sustainability and/or growth.

A Pair Built for Maximum Efficiency & Success

Although both internal IT team members and external MSPs can be beneficial on their own, pairing the two as a collaborative workforce is an incredibly lucrative decision.

By partnering your in-house IT staff with a deeply experienced managed service provider, you gain the ability to connect your IT infrastructure’s potential fully.

Because your in-house team personally understands your needs and is regularly involved in day-to-day operations, simply extending their experience and strengths to an outsourced IT partner is the best way to gain and maintain maximum control over your IT infrastructure.

Strengthen Your IT Today for Tomorrow’s Success with Our Houston IT Company

At BEMA Information Technologies, we strongly advocate for pairing expert managed services with your internal IT team for maximum support and efficiency.

If you are ready to strengthen your organization’s IT, give us a call today at 713-586-6430 or email us for a consultation.

By joining our managed IT services with your internal team members, you gain the ability to uniquely tailor your information technology processes and practices to best meet your needs for now and the future of your organization.

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