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Microsoft Azure for Business

Utilizing Microsoft Azure for Business

Digitizing your business operations offers enormous efficiency improvements, though you need a system that can keep up with your demands. Between accounting data, customer information, fragmented applications, analytic needs, and storage requirements, you need advanced cloud technology to align your digital efforts.

Microsoft Azure for business is one of the top cloud solutions, offering real-time insights, computing, networking, storage space, databases, and fast, reliable integration services.
Read on to learn more about Microsoft Azure from our team at BEMA Information Technologies.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform and convenient online portal that lets you manage all Microsoft cloud applications and services in one place.

You can access, build, store, deploy, and edit or change all applications, data, and information in Azure without leaving the platform. The collection of services includes infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and managed database capabilities.

You’ll find various cloud applications under this umbrella of services, like the Azure Active Directory, a cloud-based ID management system that lets you manage user access across applications. Azure Synapse Analytics is a big data analytics service that lets you create unique data queries with accelerated insights across enterprise-wide levels of information. Developers and data scientists may use Azure Machine Learning to optimize and accelerate their machine learning project construction and deployment processes.

Cloud Computing Explained

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform, but what exactly is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a digital technology that gives you access to disconnected computing resources.

Rather than logging into multiple platforms to view portions of data, you can enter one portal with all your information in an insightful and unified form. Cloud computing platforms offer a wide range of benefits at more affordable costs with increased security and scalability opportunities.

Cloud computing platforms are critical for businesses because they allow you to access and manage your applications and data in one place. Microsoft Azure for business offers diverse cloud computing use cases, including the following examples:

  • Cloud applications: Run various cloud applications on Azure.
  • Virtual servers: Use Azure as a virtual server for apps like accounting packages.
  • Amazon AWS replacement: Azure offers similar functionalities to Amazon AWS.
  • Cloud backups: Secure information with daily cloud backups.

How Would Utilizing Microsoft Azure Benefit My Business?

Microsoft Azure can offer many benefits for your unique business, regardless of size, industry, or needs. You can enjoy the following:

  • Business size flexibility: Microsoft Azure can work for any size business, whether a local mom-and-pop shop or a global enterprise. The pay-as-you-go system offers optimal pricing control as it scales to meet your IT demands. With the internal and external application use cases, you can save money on IT maintenance and hardware costs.
  • IT improvements: With an easy-to-deploy app, your IT team can quickly master the platform and focus on business matters without worrying about equipment maintenance or other complications. Azure offers more globalized content delivery than Google and Amazon, providing a faster and more optimized user experience. As your company expands, the system will grow to meet your needs.
  • Rapid deployment options: Your business can use Azure’s public cloud or operate autonomously. Microsoft Azure offers a range of internet connection options, including disconnected services, depending on your preferences. The rapid deployment model offers instant benefits without needing to keep up with any underlying infrastructure.
  • Iron-clad security: Azure features industry-leading security features and compliance certifications for securing business information and end-user data. High-risk organizations, like government agencies or healthcare organizations, can rely on Azure to meet compliance requirements. The platform offers two-factor authentication and rapid disaster recovery services.
  • Industry-specific customizations: Azure offers tailored applications for various industry needs. For example, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and financing industries can enjoy customized security features.

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Learning whether or not Microsoft Azure for business is right for your needs is challenging. At BEMA Information Technologies, we specialize in pairing companies with the best cloud computing platforms for their specific applications. We can help you find the most cost-effective and feature-rich solution.

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